The Shocking Truth About Blogging

The Shocking Truth About Blogging

The shocking truth about blogging may surprise you. I started blogging December 26th, 2014. When I started I actually started because of many reasons. That was the month I lost everything so I was kind of forced to do something, writing was my passion and starting a blog was also a dream of mine. It has been 2 years since I first started my blog; here is the shocking truth about blogging and what I have learned along the way.

Anyone can start a blog. Seriously my 8-year-old could start a blog it’s literally that easy. There are a lot of free blog platforms out there but I personally would never suggest one of them if you are wanting to take your blog to new heights. The one thing people don’t understand about these free platforms is you don’t own your blog. Let me repeat that you do not own your blog. The reality is it can be shut down at any given time and for no reason at all.

Shocking Truth About Blogging Platforms

As a seasoned blogger, I have used several platforms. All were great platforms the problem was I spending a ridiculous amount of money on a monthly basis. I won’t mention names but the 1st company, Company A, I started with I paid $25 a month for my blogging platform and another, I think it was like $19 a month to be an Affiliate, meaning I could sell the same platform and earn a commission.

I was with them for my 1st year of blogging. They started making a lot of changes that I didn’t agree with and a lot of changes I didn’t understand. So, I transferred my blog and 70% of my blog posts to a new platform (at the time they didn’t have an option to transfer so I did this manually).

The company I transferred to cost $149 a month. Yes, $149 a month. We will call this company “Company B”. Company B offered more than just a blogging platform they offered lead magnets like Instagram Training and more. All campaigns of which you could earn a commission on. What drew me in was the $100 a month residual you earned every time you signed someone new up.

The problem with this was I never, not once, signed anyone up. In fact, I never signed anyone up because I myself didn’t use any of the campaigns Company B promoted.  How could I promote something I didn’t even use? It just didn’t seem right to me and even though I was paying $149. a month I just couldn’t see someone else paying that amount of money for a blog. I did, however, buy a few courses and I spent some hefty money, but those courses helped me get to where I am today so it wasn’t a total loss.

About 8 months in I downgraded (they don’t offer this anymore if you want to keep the blogging platform) to the University level only because I wanted to keep my blog. This cost me $49 a month. Here I thought I was winning. I had this incredible platform that I owned. Ha! The shocking truth about blogging is you don’t have to pay out the bucket to own your own blog like I did.

Two years in and over thousands of bucks later I stumbled onto Bluehost. The only difference between Bluehost and Company B was the price. With Company B, I went from paying $149 a month to $49. a month and with Bluehost…. now you may want to prepare yourself. I paid $89. and that was for an entire year! Yes, an entire year! Oh! And the best part is I became an Affiliate for FREE! How awesome is that?

The Shocking Truth About Blogging and Earning an Income 

The shocking truth about blogging and earning an income is anyone can do it. Seriously, if I can do it so can you. I believe most people fail at blogging because:

  • They do what everyone else is doing and they get burnt out instead of doing what is true to them (finding their own niche)
  • They don’t stay consistent
  • They don’t know where to start, how to drive traffic, get comments and shares, and get ranked on Google so they give up too fast
  • They don’t know the ins and outs like what plug-ins will help you and which ones will hurt you 
  • They treat it like a hobby

This is just a short list of why bloggers fail. The shocking truth about blogging is anyone can do it and earn an income. Now how much you earn is completely up to you. It takes commitment, hard work, time, and even passion if you want to make it in this business. If you didn’t catch that, I said business. Blogging is a business and that is how it should be treated. 

If you just want to blog as a hobby then maybe one of the free platforms is best for you. Just remember you don’t own it and if you ever decide to make it a business it may be a little tougher to transfer everything over.

If you are someone or you know someone who wants to become a blogger I can help. I am launching a course that will help you get going in weeks not years like it took me. I am sharing all my secrets from how to set up a blog to how to get free traffic and more.

Between courses I have purchased, research I have done, and countless tutorials I have sat through, I put everything into an easy step by step video course that will walk you through the do’s and do-not and must haves. This course could easily sell for a thousand dollars or more and some courses do! All though I have not yet decided on a price yet it will be affordable since my goal is to help people.

You can learn more about Blogging With Shauna and what is going to be offered here. Like I said I want to help people so I am giving my course away to 3 people! Go to my Facebook page and simply Like my “pinned” post, click the link and get on my waiting list if you haven’t already, then comment “why” and “how” this course will benefit you. 

This course will change your blogging life. If you know someone who wants to become a blogger share this with them. If you or someone you know is struggling with their blog share this with them. Be sure to subscribe to my blog if you want to stay Inspired, Set Goals, and Reach Them. This is the shocking truth about blogging, thanks for reading! 

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